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Sharif Y


I am writing to you as a desperate plea for help. I had scoliosis surgery when I was the age of 16 in hopes for a better future, and since then I have been in and out of hospitals, seen many doctors(that never want to take me seriously) and I am constant growing pain. I tried 2 years of physical therapy, Prozac, and nothing.

I am now 21 years old and I have nothing to show for it. I tried for 2 and a half years to go to school but now I have failed out. My parents think of me as a disappointment and the love of my life left me because of my failures. I honestly don’t know what to say anymore other than cry for help. The pain has creeped to my chest and I am so tired of relying on drugs to be more of a person and can’t handle anymore. I am trying so hard but my will power is breaking. Can you please help me? I want to be able to look forward to the future, but honestly all I see is pain. I can’t lay in this bed forever, I want to be able to go outside when I feel like it, I want to sit at the park and enjoy the air without having to return to the comfort of my home. I am 21 years old and I am way to young to be feeling this old.

Can you help me? I need a solution. Thanks!

Alicia M | New York City

Dear Dr. Hersh,

Hope all is well. I am super pleased with the treatment and am very grateful for the transformation my back has undergone! Thank you so much! I never imagined my back could change so quickly and I’m really amazed! People are noticing my much improved posture!”


I have scoliosis with spinal fusion and Harrington rod done 30 years ago. There is not enough knowledge about the complications this can cause. I had to ask my doctor to see how it was looking.The x rays show one of my discs was worn, the rod only had a slight chip init. As the surgeon was not able to do any operations there wasn’t anything he could do. I cant seem to get people to understand that a lot of scoliosis patients have breathing problems. I also suffer with extreme tiredness. The pain is helped by regular dry needling and painkillers. Im also fed up of having to convince the disability people for mobility payment. Its like banging my head against a brick wall. My podiatrist knows my mobility problems however!!! In general there aren’t any scoliosis experts who understand all the different problems which makes life harder. Is it a common problem for people to get breathing problems and chronic tiredness? That is with the same complaint as me! I would appreciate your opinion.

Thank you very much.

Mary Anne

Hi Dr. Dan and Davia,

Just wanted to say that we were THRILLED with Eric’s post x-rays! They were amazing. He’s working hard (and only whining a little) every day on his exercises. Eric’s question is this. Does he really have to do 2 1/2 hrs a day of exercises? (I told him that its not forever.) And again, can he do both the morning and evening exercises all in one double round once a day?

Do you think it would be a good idea for us to buy one of those desk chairs that you kneel on? I thought maybe it would put less pressure on his spine. He spends a lot of time at his desk playing video games with friends. We have already put his screen up higher but I still don’t like that he’s sitting so much.

That’s all our questions for now. Hope you’re having fun in Panama. We’ll plan to see you again in August.

Jane W

My name is Jane W. and I am from Eastern Australia. I have been impressed from your website, and found the actual patient testimonials so helpful. I am 22 years old and have had scoliosis for around 10 years. My top and bottom curve are between 50-60 degrees (as of 2004). Each therapy I have done, gave me so much hope – but each time I have been deeply disappointed.

My back continued to get worst, so I stopped getting x-rays. I know it has got worst, as I now throw-up in pain. My orthopaedic surgeon wanted to take out three discs and fuse the spine in 2003. According to my surgeon, there are not many people around with my degree of scoliosis in Australia. That’s why surgery is really the only option here. I have been on strict detox diets, herbal remedies, massage, chiropractic care, physio, bicom therapy & heavy metal detox programs. All have not been successful. I would just love a day without pain.

Thank you for putting information on your website to give people hope.

Comment From Patient's Parent

…thank you for everything. You have made a huge impact on the quality of April’s life, now and in the future, and given Ralph and me incredible peace of mind. (names have been changed.)

Comment From 25 Year Old Girl With 94 Degree Scoliosis

I am 25 years old girl from Iraq. I have 94 degree scoliosis. I fist found about it at the age of 15. At that time I was immediately advised to seek surgery due to the severity of my case, but because of the limited medical capabilities in Iraq at that time my family decided not to do the surgery, which later proved to be the best decision.
Since then I have never done anything to treat my scoliosis. I found about Dr. Hersh’s clinic online and when I went to see him my ultimate goal was to get rid of my back hump. But after I did the first examination and found out that it has progressed from 80 to 94 and after the explanation by Dr. Hersh that it will continue to progress and ultimately may cause disability, I redefined my goal to treat my scoliosis to prevent any potential progress and have better quality of life.
I cannot say that the treatment is not painful, but its pain can be tolerated for the quick results. After 7 days of treatment the difference in my posture was very noticeable that I could immediately tell which the new X-ray was even. But this is not the end of the journey; I still have a lot to do and you all should bear in mind that to correct your scoliosis you need to be patient and persistent, or otherwise you may loss any improvement you have achieved. daily exercises and changing in the daily habit will, Inshalah lead to significant improvement in your scoliosis.


….I would like to also say that you and your staff are amazing. I always felt that I was receiving the very best care. I also strongly believe that what you do is a gift from God.

Once again, I thank you, sincerely and completely for your heart, your skilled mind, and your able hands for all of the healing that you do. I will pray for you and your center- that it continues to be such a wonderful place of healing and restoration of the mind, body and soul.

Comment From Patient's Father

WOW, WOW, WOW …….. When we left you his Cobb angle was 37 degrees, is it possible for Cobb angle to have dropped 7 to 8 degrees just from home treatment? I am really impressed with Tony’s improvement, its almost unbelievable.

My wife and I cried allot last night, they were tears of relief that the treatment and all the hard work is working.

Milly and Rozy Rodriguez

Hello Dr. Hersh,

It was a pleasure being with all of you there. We are very thankful for your kindness and how we were treated there in the clinic. We are very happy with the result we had and Melissa as been doing her exercises how she was told to. We hope she gets better and better. We are hoping to see you all soon and again thank you so much for everything, it was a pleasure being there.

PS – Dr. Hersh, Melissa and me are very embarrassed that we didn’t go and say goodbye to you but we were so nervous for the flight and because the taxi was already there and we were In a hurry. But thank you so much for everything.

Susie | Detroit, MI

How are you? I made it home and now I’m heading out to buy the weights for my SLA. My girlfriend at work thinks I look terrific! She said she doesn’t know anyone else with Scoliosis, but she’s going to start looking so she can tell them about Dr. Hersh and the clinic…

It was “marvelous” (we should use that word more) to meet you and the doctor, not just for the treatment but for the people that you are. So real, so refreshing. When you get a minute will you send me an address that I can ship to, I want to send you something. Okay, I’m off to run the Saturday errands. Hope all is well with you.

Tell Doctor Hersh I said hello.

Comment From Our Scoliosis Patient

Hi Dr. Hersh-

I first heard the word Scoliosis when I was 11, I don’t know precisely how much of a degree i had, but spinal surgery was the solution. I’m 21 years old, had the surgery when I was 12 – Eight years later and the level of discomfort is profoundly unbearable. I haven’t had a physical examination in over 7 years, I’m 14% underweight. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Davia | Detroit, MI

Hi Dr. Hersh,Thanks for your kind words. I’m so happy that we met. You, Davia and everyone really were fantastic to work with and learn from. Thank you for the pictures I see great improvment!


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Comment from Patient’s Mother

OMG that is amazing. Thank you so much.I just got off the phone with ortho here for Alex…as I want to keep him connected…if for no other reason then to prove the need for funding.

They are very interested to learn more. The pediatrician saw him yesterday and said he noticed a big difference. Also daycare stated his behavior was much different…I think he must be feeling better.

Is there any chance you will be able to send the pics of xrays (email) like you did with his last one so that I have as record and can compare and show people…I am still amazed at his progress.

CS, Alberta Canada


4 year old after 5 days


4 year old after 9 days


MC | Houston, TX

We had a very positive experience (at the Scoliosis Correction Centers). Dr. Hersh is professional but also caring. He seems to be able to motivate his patients and meets them where they are emotionally, mentally and physically. He was patient with us and willing to explain things as often as we asked. He was very knowledgeable regarding scoliosis and the treatment protocols. The staff was responsive, yet firm, kind, knowledgeable and confidential.


Hi my name is Amanda I had the Harrington rod fusion when I was 12 in 1992. I had my first son in 2004 and began having back pain pretty much all the time. I get pain in my back so severe it brings me to tears and it’s like a migraine it makes me throw up to relieve a little pressure but it last for days. I have major side/rib pain and sternum pain along with it that is unbearable. I had my second child 4 mths ago and it’s now so bad my back swells up on the upper right side and causes leg and arm numbness and pain it’s the most awful pain I get no relief. I went to the dr and was put on hydrocodone it takes the edge off but for only a short time. I have 2 children who need me and I know something is not right!! It hurts to walk to sit to sleep. Can u please guide me in what direction to take and please let me know if u think my rod has broken or what all these symptoms could possibly mean.

Please help!! Thanks for your time!


Hi, my name is Miriam and I’m 16 years old. I am from Argentina. I underwent surgical scoliosis correction months before I turned 14 years old. I was previously operated on for Arnold Chiari Syndrome (a cerebellar cyst) that caused my spinal deviation. I wore a brace but it did not work. I have the metal rods only in the dorsal area. Each time I have a new x ray taken my spinal curvature appears more curved since the surgery. Recently a screw near the waist was broken (the rods were fixed with screws). The doctor said that it can not be re-operated and that I will not have any problems, but it hurts and I feel that it is rubbing or hitting against the bone and it hurts a lot. I do not know what I can do. I’m looking forward to consulting other doctors. But I’m afraid that I can not do any activity because of the fact that another screw or the rod itself breaks. I would like you to give me your opinion. Thank you! regards


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Jane From Australia 


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