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Scoliosis is a disease that affects millions of children and adults. Despite its relative commonness, contemporary medicine has found no long-term successful treatment that does not cause more health problems than it helps short term. Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature or rotation in the spine, and it can lead to a number of complications if unaddressed. Mainstream medicine does not guarantee scoliosis long term correction and, because of this, many people have begun to seek alternative scoliosis treatments.

Outcomes of Scoliosis Surgery

Surgeries can severely impede a patient’s long-term quality of life. 

Scoliosis Treatment

Non-surgical treatment options.

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STOP Scoliosis Progression & Avoid Spinal Fusion Surgery

Scoliosis is a progressive disease causing curvature of the spine. It can affect people of all ages, including children and adolescents.


You will clearly understand the alternative you have and why surgery is the wrong answer.


Explanation of cost per degree of various scoliosis treatments.


Understand why the curve in the neck plays a major role in causing scoliosis.


Learn about a study that best describes the cause of scoliosis.


Learn about the misconception about X-rays and why X-rays are incredibly useful for scoliosis treatment.


Learn about a health care program that provides effective non-surgical treatments for scoliosis patients.


Read letters from those diagnosed with scoliosis and learn about the outcomes of surgery.


Scoliosis can result in headaches, back pain, hip and leg pain, digestive problems, trouble walking, feeling off balance, chronic fatigue, widows hump, knee pain, joint stiffness, increased chance of early arthritis in adults. Sucn conditions can have multiple causes, not a single cause. Some examples are, the birth process, accidents, work related posture, genetics, as well as epigenetics.
Scoliosis can result in headaches, shortness of breath, back pain, digestive problems, menstrual-cycle disturbances, leg, hip and knee pain, chronic fatigue and future spinal kyphosis (widow’s hump). Such conditions can occur due to hereditary reasons or degeneration of the spinal discs, as in arthritis or osteoporosis.

Scoliosis treatment near me

Early-stage detection of scoliosis often proves to be of great help. Having years of experience in scoliosis treatment, we do our best to provide the best, most effective course of treatment to all our patients. Our goal is stopping the progression, and reversing towards correction of the Cobb Angle curvature, to suggest the easiest approach for stopping the progression of the spinal curve and preventing further deformities. We suggest treatment only after our experts have conducted a thorough analysis of the patient’s condition.


    Most people who come to us seeking solutions regarding scoliosis have plenty of misconceptions about the treatment process. The biggest myth is that a single surgery can end their pain, restore spinal balance and improve their overall quality of life. Our team of experts has been dealing with scoliosis related issues for years and excel at suggesting the best course of treatment according to the patient’s symptoms. Typically, we take the following factors into account before finalizing the treatment procedure:

    Sex: According to our case studies, chances of occurrence of spinal progression is higher in girls as compared to boys.

    Severity of curve: Before taking up any case, our experts conduct a thorough analysis of the patient’s condition and analyze the stage of their curve.

    Curve pattern: The treatment procedure tends to become difficult as spinal complexities increase. In the case of double curves, our experts devote much more time in finding ways of avoiding worsening of the condition.

    Curve location: We first analyze the exact location of the curve, then move towards the treatment process. Curves located in the center of the spine demand more attention than those in the upper or lower sections.

    Maturity: Our treatment process depends a lot on the risk of further curve progression.


    Having dealt with hundreds of scoliosis-related cases, we know that the majority of people suffering from persistent back pain do not require surgical treatments. We believe in following non-surgical scoliosis correction approaches that are not physically and emotionally stressful, especially for an adolescent. Our treatment method does not require the use of standard ineffective braces for scoliosis correction. We recommend people opt for early scoliosis detection and proper treatment to maximize the probability of achieving good outcomes.
    Non-Surgical Scoliosis Treatment at The Scoliosis Correction Centers is a health care program that provides effective non-surgical treatment for scoliosis patients. View the patient/family video testimonials from patients all over the world. 


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