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Non-Surgical Scoliosis Treatment

After a few minutes spent reviewing internet sites devoted to scoliosis, you might end up feeling rather depressed and overwhelmed by the mass of contradictory and unscientific information to be found. It is no small wonder that so many scoliosis surgeries take place every year – from what you read on the internet (which is really the largest library in the world!), it seems to be the only option.

In one study entitled “Surfing for Scoliosis: the Quality of information available on the Internet,” the authors came to the conclusion that “The information about scoliosis and scoliosis treatments on the Internet is of limited quality and poor informational value.”

The only website that earned their praise was the official Website of the Scoliosis Research Society; this website is, of course, heavily biased towards traditional approaches such as bracing & surgery. It should not surprise us that this study was conducted by the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York.

However, the true effectiveness of the Harrington Rod surgery does not live up to the claims. Curves progress even in surgically treated patients; “Initial average loss of spinal correction post-surgery is 3.2 degrees in the first year and 6.5 after two years, with continued loss of 1.0 degrees per year throughout life.”

This is a mixed message, to say the least.

This is why the Scoliosis Correction Centers is excited to promote the teachings and philosophy of the CLEAR Institute: there is a non-surgical treatment for scoliosis, with no psychological or physical scarring, that achieves lasting, positive results! This is the best alternative scoliosis treatment available. It is this message of hope that defines who we are, even more so than the results we achieve.

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If you or someone you know is suffering from the all-too-real side effects of scoliosis, please take a moment to review the information about scoliosis on this site. We update our site with new information as often as possible. Call today to schedule an appointment, and keep an open mind to the alternative types of treatment that we may suggest. At the Scoliosis Correction Centers, we understand that historical approaches to scoliosis have failed to achieve lasting results. You are probably frustrated about your past treatment options. Well, it is now time for action. Call 1 (800) 249-9013 and find out how our Breakthrough Scoliosis Treatment can make a huge difference in your quality of life, or email for a consultation. One will be scheduled as soon as possible.
For more evidence that standard 3-point bracing is ineffective, let’s look to a study published on March 15, 1997, from the Ste. Justine Hospital in Quebec:

“Boston brace treatment produces complex trunk motions that tend to shift the spine and rib cage anteriorly [forward], with little derotation and lateral displacement to the left, whereas ideal correction would be the opposite [emphasis added].”
“A more optimal way to achieve trunk corrections could be made by applying loads laterally on the convex side and on the anterior thoracic [front of the chest] opposite the rib hump, with a system that constrains mechanically the posterior rib hump from moving backwards.”
This study, and others like it, led to the development of the Scoliosis Traction Chair that we use at the Scoliosis Correction Centers and that the CLEAR Institute designed and patented in 2004. Why did it take seven years for someone to act on the idea that scoliosis could be corrected biomechanically? Maybe it’s because when all you have is a hammer (or scalpel), every problem looks like a nail (or patient in need of surgery!).

Comment from one of our wonderful patients:



…I would like to also say that you and your staff are amazing. I always felt that I was receiving the very best care. I also strongly believe that what you do is a gift from God. Once again, I thank you, sincerely and completely for your heart, your skilled mind, and your able hands for all of the healing that you do. I will pray for you and your center- that it continues to be such a wonderful place of healing and restoration of the mind, body and soul.


Thank yo so very much for the results. They are much better than I expected. I do my exercises every day….not all of them but I spend at least 20 minutes and use a large inflatable ball ( 25-30”(?) diameter ball to stretch the concave side of my back. I use the neck pump, rollers and block every night.

I can visually see a bit of improvement which is very encouraging. After checking my schedule at work, I’ll let you know which session to will attend in the spring.

Thank you so very much for your great work and support.

Parent of Monica

Lisa and I are the parents of Monica We were referred to you by Marcela B mother of Martha who is your patient.

Our daughter, Monica, has been on traditional corset treatment for scoliosis for the last three years. She began with a deviation of 38 degrees and according to the last study she has now 25 degrees of deviation. Because of the amount of time that Monica has to wear the corset, this treatment is becoming uncomfortable and we are willing to consider different approaches, as yours, to improve her quality of life.

We were highly recommended to consult with you by different sources and would appreciate very much to schedule an appointment for Monica during your February stay in Panama.

Sandra Bishop


I just found your site and was amazed to see my spine. I had the opportunity of being diagnosed by Dr. Cobb himself decades ago. Thankfully due to lack of funds there was no surgery, no fusing, no casting. Yes, bracing which was valueless.

I have been a Chiropractic patient since the age o f 13 (74 today). Even today a clothed frontal view affords no indication of scoliosis. Amazing as that may sound to the untrained and sometimes even the trained eye.

At the age of 44 Harrington surgery was suggested and rejected because of the percentile of correction.

I would love to tell you more and share the wonderful story of living with Scoliosis and still having a productive, active, normal life through Chiropractic, determination and God’s intervention, just don’t know how to begin.

Thank you for your site and the information contained therein because it affirmed that all the decisions made were correct. Should you have a parent/child that still needs convincing that life can be normal without surgery but through the use of other modalities, I will be happy to speak with them.

Again, thank you for your research and honesty on this extremely delicate subject.


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