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What can be done if you are an adult with scoliosis?

The answer is that a lot can be done to both reduce and or eliminate the associated pain as well as greatly improved posture, while also reducing the scoliosis curvatures. You do not have to ‘live with it’ while taking pain medication long term which can have its own negative side effects.

Adults can have a pre-existing Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis that was either treated without success or a new onset of ‘Degenerative’ adult scoliosis called ‘De Novo Scoliosis’ (DDS).

Adult scoliosis can lead to lower lung capacity, hypertension, poor sleep, easily fatigued, respiratory failure, back and leg pain, sciatica and inability to exercise.

You don’t have to ‘grow old’ and assume that you have no options. You can be helped with proper adult scoliosis-kyphosis treatment.