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Top reasons to go for Non Surgical Scoliosis Treatment

At least 3% of the world’s population today is suffering from Scoliosis. This amounts to 6 million people in the US alone. There is no doubt that the treatment is expensive and requires considerable time. While many patients choose the surgical route, it is important to know the dangers that come with this intensive operation.

Surgical Complications

  1. Surgeries can be fatal for both kids and adults
  2. Can cause paralysis. Statistics say that 4% of people are paralyzed as a result of surgery
  3. The pain is so excruciating that a majority of people require a re-operation after 2 to 8 years
  4. Infection and inflammatory processes
  5. Loss of normal spinal function
  6. Curvature progression

Not just this, but there has been no proof so far that surgical treatment of Scoliosis improves function, self-image or even health.

Those who have scoliosis, by and large, have a lower life expectancy, poor respiratory system, and their aging can be hindered severely. Surgical treatments have barely enhanced the course of the last 500 years, notwithstanding the complications that come along with surgery. On account of this, most people have begun to search for non-surgical Scoliosis treatment.

To learn more about how non-surgical treatments for Scoliosis work and the best place to find treatment, schedule your free consultation today with the Scoliosis Correction Centers.