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Seek The Best Medical Treatment For Scoliosis With Us

Scoliosis is a medical condition in which there is an abnormal curvature in the spine. The spine typically curves in an ‘S’ or ‘C’ pattern. According to statistics, approximately 4.5% of the population are suffering from this condition worldwide which is nearly 300 million people (although many cases go undiagnosed). The 10-15 age group is most likely to be affected by this condition.

There are many causes of scoliosis such as traumatic injuries, neuromuscular conditions or congenital disabilities. Luckily, there are some early signs which can help to diagnose scoliosis such as uneven fitting of clothes, appearing ‘crooked’ or changes in walking style. If this condition exists, it can lead to consistent pain in the back, and create several cardiovascular or breathing problems. Thus, it is necessary to seek immediate treatment.

To treat this condition, many people opt for rod implantation surgery because they are unaware of the alternative options. However, there are various side effects of this surgery. The quality of life after scoliosis surgery has worsened for many people. They’re either physically impaired, have chronic back pain or the rod has led to the corrosion of spine.

We, at the Scoliosis Correction Center, help provide an alternative solution to the problem with non-bracing and non-surgical treatment options for our patients which do not cause any side effects. Call us today to make an appointment!