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Scoliosis and Pregnancy: Common Questions and Answers

Becoming a mother is a blissful feeling; nothing quite matches up to the thrill and the excitement associated with it. But, for women with scoliosis, the thought of pregnancy may bring along a fear of additional health complications with it. A lot of misconceptions and myths are associated with the entire topic. Contrary to popular belief, the reality is that health complications and risks are a natural part of pregnancy, irrespective of whether you have an abnormal spine or not. There are several questions attached to this topic, we’ll try to address most of them in this blog. Let’s get started!

Can I or Should I Get Pregnant If I have Scoliosis?

Often women with spinal scoliosis have this question because of the fear of birth defects, stillbirths, miscarriages, or even infertility. As per scientific and medical researches, this is not true. Scoliosis doesn’t pave the way for additional complications, which women with a normal spine wouldn’t be susceptible to during their pregnancy. So, an answer to this question is that scoliosis shouldn’t hinder any woman from getting pregnant.

Will my baby at risk of acquiring scoliosis from me?

Various researches have revealed that about 30% of the people with scoliosis have members of their current family who suffer from the same medical condition. We know that there is a genetic component to scoliosis but it is not the whole cause. So, even though it could be hereditary the risk of your child acquiring scoliosis is A GIVEN FACT. Having scoliosis doesn’t guarantee that your child will have it too. In any case, should you as a mother have scoliosis, it is wise to have your child checked properly (most pediatricians miss this diagnosis until too late) early on.

Will my Scoliosis symptoms get worse during pregnancy?

Pregnancy triggers the same symptoms in women with scoliosis as in women without it. For instance, women who do not have scoliosis also experience back pain at some point during their pregnancy, or thereafter. Women with scoliosis can experience the same. While it is difficult to differentiate whether the cause of back pain is pregnancy or scoliosis, women who suffer from spinal scoliosis are at risk of experiencing lower back pain similar to any pregnant woman.Scores of women with scoliosis have conceived, carried and delivered perfectly healthy babies. To manage your health issues related to scoliosis you should consult the medical specialists at any of our Scoliosis Correction Centers located in New York, Florida, Connecticut, and República de Panamá.NOTE: It is highly recommended for women with severe scoliosis to consult a medical specialist before getting pregnant.