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Reasons to Opt for Non-Surgical Scoliosis Correction

Ignoring prominent signs of a protruding shoulder blade or uneven waist can have extreme consequences. Even a mild sideways curvature of the spine can result in persistent pain that worsens with time. Such spinal abnormalities, referred to as scoliosis, continue to worsen if not attended to immediately. The patient will not only suffer from persistent pain, but also become prone to other complications such as lung compression, back dysfunctions, etc.

Scoliosis has a powerful impact on the overall lifestyle of the patient. A survey done by the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS) states that approximately 6 million people in the US suffer from this disease. Tired of dealing with back pain and limited mobility, most scoliosis patients succumb to surgical treatments to restore normalcy in their lifestyle. However, due to the unsatisfactory results of such treatments, they end up relying on non-surgical scoliosis correctionafterwards. Due to the ineffectiveness of traditional surgical scoliosis procedures, the well-established treatment centers have started recommending alternative approaches for management. Many people opt for bracing and physical therapies to relieve pain. Research centers are continuously working on improving the current treatment process and developing a sophisticated approach for the treatment.

Scoliosis Correction Centers utilize specialized scoliosis traction chair that addresses the rotational aspect of the scoliosis as well as many other modalities that help to address the neurological component of scoliosis. Patients can benefit from these treatment exercises and can gain instant relief from back pain.If you want to know more about non-surgical scoliosis correction, get in touch with the experts at Scoliosis Correction Centers.