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Is There Help For Adult Progressive Scoliosis?

According to the journal ‘”Spine” one of the pre-eminent medical journals, there is no evidence that concretely supports conservative care for adult scoliosis. Nonsurgical treatment options are commonly advocated, but no evidence to discriminate between these methods is presented. Therefore, a formal systematic review of the literature for conservative treatment of adult deformity was selected as it provides a current assessment of literature concerning this area of treatment. Patients seek treatment for adult degenerative scoliosis. The primary reasons are pain of course which is always the first reason to seek help, physical appearance, (cosmetic reasons), nerve compression and its associated symptoms of numbness, tingling in extremities, and muscle weakness.

While the research is limited, and generally skeptical and inconclusive, there are several successful clinical results we see on a regular basis in our clinics. For example, Whole Body Vibration at a specific frequency and hertz is scientifically proven to increase bone mass. Therefore it amongst other conservative options is available and should be utilized under proper supervision (don’t go out and buy a generic WBV machine or use at the gym without first checking with your chiropractor or therapist first).

This is just one viable conservative treatment option that has been shown to be effective. There are more and we will explore them in future blogs.