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Fighting Scoliosis: Busting Common Myths

Scoliosis, the abnormal curving of the spine has bred several misconceptions over the years. Misunderstanding over lifestyles and diseases did little to help the confusion. Combing the internet for answers these days became a natural habit. For instance, people are ask whether lower back pain after scoliosis surgery is common or not? Whether scoliosis is a chronic life-threatening condition or not? With misinformation on the rise, scoliosis has garnered quite a few unnecessary myths in its stride and today, we’ll help you fact-check some the most common ones out there.

Myth: Scoliosis is extremely painful

Fact: There are different types of scoliosis and sometimes, a curved spine may not show any symptoms of abnormality at all, let alone pain.

Myth: Scoliosis is only occurs during adolescence

Fact: Idiopathic scoliosis can affect new borns through adulthood. Yes, you can be a develop scoliosis in your older years, called ‘De Novo’ scoliosis. Sometimes, the disease may stay dormant (i.e. no painful symptoms) for years before pain starts.

Myth: Having children is difficult with scoliosis

Fact: Scoliosis does not affect your child-bearing abilities. However, if you want to opt for epidural during birth, please consult your doctor about your spinal conditions and ongoing medications beforehand.

Myth: Scoliosis is caused by heavy backpacks

Fact: While heavy backpacks never did your posture or spine any good, we can assure you scoliosis has nothing to do with it. Even though it isn’t caused by pressure, if you have scoliosis already, prolonged pressure on your back is not recommended.

Myth: If you have scoliosis, you’ll be deformed eventually

Fact: While some severe forms of scoliosis may cause deformity in patients, the majority often continues (continue) to live a deformity-free life. However, if there is any hint of a spinal problem the earlier it is properly evaluated the better to prevent progress over time.

It’s surprising, but the list of myths for scoliosis runs long and wrong. If you’re ever doubting your spine or having some doubts over your persistent back pain, it’s best if you can contact a professional scoliosis medical source for clarification. Multiple scoliosis correction centers are now welcoming queries. Free telephone consultations are available in all centers, New York, Miami, Connecticut and Panama.