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Detection and Symptoms of Broken metal rods in Scoliosis Surgery

Surgical intervention in the case of scoliosis has not proven to be rewarding for many patients that have undergone such procedures. This form of correction may provide a certain degree of relief from back and neck pain as well as what seems to be a ‘cosmetic’ improvement in the ‘Cobb Angle’ (curvature of the spine) during the initial phase but their effectiveness is not long lasting. People who undergo such surgeries often have to face uncomfortable new choices months or years later. Spinal implants often get corroded with time resulting in life-threatening situations. In many cases we, as scoliosis physicians, say ‘The first surgery, often leads to the second surgery’!

The side effects of implanting metal (stainless steel or titanium) rods can be frequent extreme pain and a decrease in quality of life in those who choose that option. This consequence is rarely discussed with the surgeon during the before surgery consultation. In fact, according to the many patients we have treated over many years, they are usually told that post surgically they will be able to do whatever they were doing before the surgery and there will be no future problems. This is simply not the case.

Here is a quote, one of many, received from a post-surgical scoliosis patient

I am 52 years old I underwent scoliosis surgery at age 46 here in Buenos Aires. This scoliosis I have had since my adolescence. In the first operation I was left with an imbalance and they operated again to straighten me out. Now almost 5 years have passed since this second operation and one of the bars in the lumbar area is broken. These are titanium implants thanks.

Despite solid fusions, breakage of surgical rods has become a common issue in scoliosis patients. Movement or breakage causes a lot of trouble and fixing the failed scoliosis surgery is a complicated process, and even less effective than the first implants which failed. Improper alignment or excessive stress on the spine/rods often results in such conditions. Localized or pin point pain is one of the early broken implanted rod symptoms which should not be neglected. Traditional therapies and massages will not alleviate this pain.

Despite popular belief, surgery is not the only solution to scoliosis. Dealing with the after-effects of broken implant rods is life altering.

The Scoliosis Correction Centers is happy to provide free telephone consultations to those who suffer from or have a family member with scoliosis. We also provide effective solutions for correction and preventing progression of the scoliosis curvature. Our team of experts is up to date with the extremely successful and safe alternatives to scoliosis surgery.