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3 Things That Persistently Bother Fusion Surgery Patients

Sideway or lateral curvature of the spine can result in life-long discomfort. Many people resort to fusion surgeries for eliminating spinal deformities or stopping its progression. Not only do these surgeries not accomplish the desired outcome, according to a research study published in Spine, most fusion surgery patients will deal with some sort of complications after the surgery. Patients above 50 who receive the surgery will typically have dural tears which is a tear in the thin covering of the spinal cord. This tear is usually caused by the surgeon’s instrument and can cause a wide variety of other issues including a dural fistula, intracranial hematoma and meningitis. For younger patients who opt for spinal surgery many end up having implant-related complications such as hardware breaking causing nerve damage and loss of bowel or bladder control just to name a few.

Most spinal surgery patients will have some form of pain for years after scoliosis surgery. While the pain may not begin immediately, once it does it is typically on-going and may result in lifelong stress and anxiety. No one, including those with scoliosis should have to deal with this type of discomfort. Below is a list of issues which may arise should surgery be the route you choose:

The pain never goes away

Most people opt for fusion surgery to put an end to their misery and pain. However, people will generally continue to complain about excessive pain even after scoliosis surgery.

You will never feel as good as new

People who believe that fusion surgery ‘cures’ them are misinformed. Not only will you not have a completely straight spine, you will eventually end up with the same exact curve years down the road but with metal rods in your back. Pre-mature arthritis is a side effect that cannot be avoided.

Body balance and coordination are lost forever

Fusion surgery patients often feel unstable and weak during the post-surgery period. They tend to lose control over their body balance and coordination due to the foreign objects in their bodies.

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